Are you an ICT Project Manager looking for your next contract or permanent opportunity, and not getting as many interview requests as you expect or even call backs from recruiters?

Let us work with you to optimise your CV and maximise your chances of getting more interviews, so you can land your next Project Management opportunity in Brisbane.

On average recruiters spend less than 10 seconds reading your CV before deciding whether to dive deeper into your experience or move onto the next candidate, so we need to ensure your CV makes the best first impression with the right information.

Whether you are looking for your next contract on a project or if you want more of a long-term opportunity in a permanent position, the team here at Icy Technology will be able to help achieve that. We are proud of the results we have achieved with our clients on their journey. Listed above are a few organisations our clients have had the chance to work with.

How can we get you to more interviews?

The CV is one of the most important documents in used in the job search process. You may be the most qualified candidate for a role but you will not be able to meet with prospective employers if you do not communicate that you are on paper - even if you believe you have.

Your career is your specialty and what we do as consultants is our specialty. Our team consists of technical recruiters and hiring managers within the IT industry in Brisbane that each look at hundreds of candidates each week to help organisations hire the right people, so we understand what employers are looking for on paper.

We work closely with our clients and ask the right questions through a collaborative process to provide CVs that will get you more call backs from recruiters and more interview requests, as well as rank your CV higher on internal and external candidate databases such as SEEK.


phone Consultation

The initial part of the process will start with a phone consultation, where we have a conversation with you to get an understanding of your current situation and your results so far. Then we will discuss your professional work experience such as the projects you have worked on and your responsibilities for each role, and identify what the focus is for your next job. We will also run through to educate you on how recruiters and hiring managers interpret a CV.

Drafting with Colour and Grey Blob

Drafting Stage

After the first phone consultation we will start drafting your CV and lay out the foundations and important details of your work experience that recruiters and hiring managers are looking for. We may have multiple contact points with yourself at this stage when we need more information from you. This is a multi-draft process where we work with your feedback to ensure that you are satisfied with the final result.

Delivery & follow-up

We send your final draft in Microsoft Word and PDF formats, and begin to work on any additional services you have requested such as suitability statements or selection criteria responses (if applicable).

After a few weeks we will follow up with yourself to see how you are tracking and see where else we can help.


Fast turnaround time

Our team will work with you to ensure that your final CV is returned to you within 3 to 4 business days.

Multi-draft process

We will work with you and your feedback after this initial draft to allow our team to better tailor your CV for the role you want.

Future-proof CV

Throughout the process our consultants will run through how employers look at your CV so you understand what is required. Once you receive the new CV you can build upon what is already there for your future roles.

IT industry expertise

The team consists of technical recruiters and hiring managers within the IT Industry which allow us to better tailor your CV as opposed to non-technical or industry specific CV writers.

Brisbane-based team

Work in collaboration with a team of writers based in Brisbane, who have an understanding of the Brisbane job market and what employers look for in job applications.

Our Guarantee

If your new CV is not getting the results you need, then we will continue working with you until you start getting the results you want!

IT AREAS Specialised

We have helped Project Managers in Brisbane across the end-to-end recruitment process, but we have also helped other professionals within the IT industry! The team at Icy Technology have helped professionals within IT areas including:


Business Analysis

Cybersecurity & Information Security

Data Science & Engineering

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Help Desk / Service Desk & Support

Portfolio / Project Management Office

Program Management

Software & Application Development

Systems Engineering

Telecommunications & Networks

Testing & Quality Assurance

Web Development



Great for people with less than 5 years of work experience
$ 249
  • Great for New Graduates and Entry-level Professionals!
  • Phone Consultation
  • Multi-draft Process
  • Up to 4 Business Day Turnaround


For people with over 5 years of work experience
$ 299
  • Tailored CV for Specific Role(s)
  • Phone Consultation
  • Multi-draft Process
  • Up to 4 Business Day Turnaround
  • Specialist Writers
  • Complimentary Additional Consultation


The complete package with unlimited access to our team
$ 499
  • Tailored CV for Specific Role(s)
  • Phone Consultation
  • Multi-draft Process
  • Up to 4 Business Day Turnaround
  • Specialist Writers
  • Complimentary Additional Consultation
  • Cover Letter or Suitability Statement Included
  • Interview Preparation

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